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Morning Coffee

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This is a great article on the changing values of popular evangelicalism. Do you see any of these virtues in your way of thinking?

It is really hard to find time to commune with the Lord every day as a mother. There are so many things that can get in the way, but it is the most important thing you can do in your day to prepare for you little ones. Check out this post for some encouraging tips.

What is the scriptural support for Hell’s eternality? Why do we believe that without Christ we are without hope? This is a very thoughtful and helpful post that will answer some of those questions.

I love this post from Raising Arrows on the things she does do to save money and the things she simply can’t do to save money. Helps to remind us that we can’t do everything, but what we do do is important.

Here is a sweet little reminder to not do what we all do…

This isn’t the first time you’ve seen this on Simple Mom, but it is always helpful to get focused again.

This article was originally linked to from Justin Taylors blog where he noted that one of the crucial things it lacks is the involvement of the father. Amen! Reminds me of that detergent commercial where the mom is working together with the daughter to preserve the mini skirt after dad ruins it with rust.

Ok, this is just for laughs!

Enjoy the reads and let me know what you think! Have a great Friday!


      1. I want a cup of coffee that looks like THAT! yummy! ;o)

      2. These all sound great! And I’m with Sarah…I’ll have a mug of that please! ;)

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