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Goodmorning and happy Friday! Do you like the catchy logo? Now that I am sharing these reads with you again I thought the old “Bookmark” title could use a face lift. So here you go, my top reads for the week-I hope you enjoy!

Twin Survival Tip #8: Cook meat in advance.

This helpful tip found on Molly Piper’s blog is a great tip for any homemaker looking to make the most of her meats (not just mommies of twins!). This is something I have slowly been learning to do and have notices big differences in my meal prep time and how much of the meat I actually use!

God, Freedom, and “The Adjustment Bureau”

Notice any symbolism in this star studed movie? Check out this thoughtful blog post by Russell Moore on how to react to a story line with much to say about God.

Cookie Crumb Truffle Pops

So, I know that I linked to another truffle recipe last week. But hey, I haven’t made any yet so I still must have the hankering! These look yummy and like a great way to use up those extra pieces of cookie! Check it out at Prudent Baby.

Love Wins-A Review of Rob Bell’s New Book

There has been a lot of congecture on the contents of Rob Bell’s new book (Love Wins). Does it teach that hell doesn’t exist, that it isn’t eternal, that all are saved? Does it teach that you need to know Jesus to go to heaven or not? Here is the first review to go public from Tim Challies and the quotes clear up any questions you may have had.

Are There Two Wills in God?

Do you struggle with questions like “If God desires all to be saved, then why doesn’t he save everyone?”. The release of Rob Bells new book has this topic in the public eye and it is important to know how to respond to others as well as our own personal questions. Check out this great article from John Piper on the Sovereignty of God. It is long, but well worth the read! -Go grab another cup of coffee for this one.

Are you Anti-Abortion or Pro-Life?

Here is a great reminder from the Bound4Life blog to not overlook the work you can do right now to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I love the idea of buying meat when its on sale and cooking it in bulk! Great way to save! Now I just need to put it into practice!

    I’ve been curious about the Adjustment Bureau…great perspective on that one!

    As for the posts on Rob Bell’s new book- James and I read the review when you posted it the other night. We’ve heard so much about it over the past week. I’m making my way through the second post by Piper today.

    Jessalyn, do you plan on reading the book?

    • desiringvirtue says:

      Yay! I am so proud of you for trudging through Piper’s article!

      Honestly I don’t think I will read Love Wins. I have never read a Rob Bell book before (I think Richard has read Velvet Elvis), only heard about him and some interesting perspectives he has. I only really started thinking about him more with all of the hubabaloo going on with his new book where he seems to be the clearest about his forming theology. I have never concidered him someone that I look up to theologically, so concidering how little time I have to read anyway, I don’t see myself buying the book. I’m sure that as more and more people review the book it will become evident whether it is worth reading or not. I’ll link to other reviews as they come out.

      There are so many books that I want to read to be challenged and encouraged by that taking the time to read one that I am warned against just isn’t really in the cards.

      But that being said, I know quite a few people who LOVE Rob Bell and his “interesting way of looking at things” so I think it is important for them to know where he really stands on important issues like this. If you don’t believe sin HAS to be punished (as God prescribes it to be in hell) then the cross becomes irrelevant. How you could feel the need to be a believer of the cross, much less a preacher of the cross at that point would be confusing.

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