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[box]This week for the morning coffee I am serving up some great reads on modesty. I had my yearly shock of flesh a couple weeks ago when a teenage girl walked into our Starbucks wearing only a bikini. I felt like she was completely naked and wondered what the men around her must be thinking. Well, most of us would never dare hang out in a public eatery with only a bathing suit on, but we can all be reminded of what it means to be modest and what the motive behind modesty is -especially with the warm summer looming. For that reason I have been keeping my eyes open for good posts and such dealing with the topic. Here is what I found![/box]

What and What Not To Wear @ True Woman

I loved this look at the whole picture of how we should dress, not just how much skin we should cover up.

Gentle Jesus, Meek and… Modest @ True Woman

What is the motivation behind modesty? Is it to keep a subjective standard, or to emulate our Lord?

A Modest Thank You Note @ Girl Talk

Here is a great and humbling letter written by a woman after hearing a sermon focused on modesty.

Free To Be Modest by Nancy Leigh Demoss @

Who owns our bodies and why does it matter?

Modeling Modesty By Mary K. Mohler

This is a great resource if you ignore the totally outdated clothing on the cover!

Modeling Modesty by Nancy Leigh Demoss @Revive Our Hearts

Same title, different article. Do you have a daughter? What kind of example are you setting?

Modesty Survey

This is a really cool resource to check out. It is a survey taken from young men who described exactly what they found to be a stumbling block. Make sure to read the instructions before reading the survey results.

[intlink id="417" type="post"]A Modest Swimsuit? @Desiring Virtue[/intlink]

Speaking of swimsuits, here is a post I wrote a while ago on the very subject. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Great links, Jessalyn. Thank you!

    I will be posting a link to our Doctrines in the Kitchen fb page.

  2. Thanks for posting these! They are very helpful. Modesty is something I think about a lot. I came from a background where the rules of dress could be very legalistic and we live in a world where modesty isn’t even a concern for many people, so trying to form a concept of modest, feminine dress is something I have been very interested in for some time.

    • desiringvirtue says:

      I hope that you find these reads helpful Amy! There is a wide variety of information regarding the heart issue of modesty and then practical tips within them. I feel like I am constantly having to reevaluate my standards and motivations as time goes on in my Christian walk I tend to get lax rather than more intentional.

  3. Jessalyn, This is a great post! And I enjoyed your A Modest Swimsuit? post too. We are vexed at every turn when it comes to these issues aren’t we? Burka’s don’t seem quite so bad sometimes – ha!
    God Bless You!

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