A Thanksgiving Tree

This year I “created” a Thanksgiving tree for our family to hang our thanks on. It was very easy and has already been a lot of fun. I was surprised by how quickly Elliot caught on to the idea of things you are thankful for. He had many things to add to the tree and I am sure as Thursday gets nearer more will come to mind. Two of the sweetest things he was thankful for were “Memaw and Papa’s house” (we are living with them for the time being) and for “Ashton” (the little girl we used to live next to). I was really impressed that he was able to come up with these things. It just proves that it is never too early to begin teaching big truths to little minds!

We don’t have any trees in our neighborhood so we went on a “bear hunt” at our local park and found many broken, dead branches to use. Then we simply stuck them in a vase and cut out some round cards from scrapbook paper. I am keeping a little cup with extras and a pen next to the tree so that we can all add to the tree as Thanksgiving gets closer.

Here is where I got my inspiration!


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