A Peek into One of Our Family’s Favorite Traditions

Today I am privileged to guest post at one of my favorite websites, Redeemed Reader! Here is a snippet from the post…

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when our home are filled with the scents of cinnamon and pine and the twinkly lights give off a familiar, joyful glow. For the redeemed children of God, this season is marked by more than warm feelings and family get togethers–it is a time to celebrate our Heavenly Father sending his Holy Son, so that we could be adopted into his family! More than anything I want to take advantage of Christmastime and share the wonderful truth of the incarnation of Christ with my little boys. I want for them to be caught up in this magical (and praise God real) event rather than the imaginary and at times frivolous stories of Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

One of the practical and oh-so-fun ways we try to direct their attention to the miraculous birth of Christ during this season is by filling our home and their imaginations with special Christmas picture books that make an appearance only once a year. As I unpack all of our Christmas decorations and prepare for the month of December I also pull out a (growing) collection of story books that focus–in various ways–on our Savior and the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

[To find out how we celebrate with these special books and how you can incorporate this tradition into your own family's jump on over to Redeemed Reader with me!]

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