Bookmarks 10/7/13

BookmarksWhat Men Want Out of Sex: Aileen Challies takes a candid look at the struggles women face as they try to understand their husband’s sex drive.

How We Label Ourselves: Lindsey Wagstaffe, from True Woman, encourages us to label ourselves according to scripture–as those who have been shown the grace of God.

A Mother’s Idols: Christina Fox challenges moms to consider how they may be unknowingly worshipping idols of the heart.

How to Read Your Bible: Michael Horton began a great new series this week on The White Horse Inn podcast focusing on reading the Scriptures as one story. I highly recommend you find a spare moment to listen!

Singles Should Care About Marriage: Melissa Affolter shares why singles shouldn’t turn their noses up at another sermon, book, conference, or article about marriage. She reminds singles to remember that marriage is a gospel issue.


  1. Oh my word, Aileen Challies ‘s article on intimacy was so good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Debi Martin says:

    The link for the How to Read Your Bible goes to the Idols of a Mother’s Heart post. Thought you might want to know. :-)

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