Welcome to Desiring Virtue’s Printable Category! I am happy to share this growing collection of printables with you and hope they will be a blessing to you as you seek to create an organized and peaceful home.

Most of these printables have come into being as I have scoured the internet looking for something that was “just right” for me, perhaps some of them will be “just right” for you as well.

Original Homemaking Printables:

  • Daily Plan of Attack- Check out the printable that made Desiring Virtue famous! Well, not really, but it has definitely gotten a lot of attention! There are four different version available in one download (hopefully one will fit your lifestyle and help you get organized!), plus they are colorful and fun… which every girl knows is important when organizing.
  • Just Today’s Plan of Attack- A larger, blank version of the original Plan of Attack.
  • This Week’s Menu Plan- What’s for dinner? You could have planned that out if you used Desiring Virtue’s Menu Planner!
  • Running To-Do List- Keep all of those things that need to get done in the future in one place!
  • Websites and Passords Printable- Don’t forget your password ever again! Keep them all on this handy printable!

Large Family Logistic’s Inspired Printables:

  • Day Planners- Use this planner to follow along with the LFL weekly routine!
  • Blank Day Planners- Blank version of the LFL printable that give you the opportunity to customize your own schedule!

Spiritual Discipline Printables:

Christmas Printables:

  • Christmas Gift Organizer Printable-Available at Desiring Virtue’s Etsy store and designed to help you manage all that holiday shopping! Includes space to organize immediate family, extended family AND friends while keeping in a budget!